October 2011: An Idea Takes Shape

The co-founders-to-be began initial discussions about the possibility of developing a solar-charged, battery-powered system that could power hydro-pneumatic boat lift systems using lightweight, long-lasting LifePO4 battery technology.

January-June 2012: Early Prototyping Underway

Early Research & Development efforts utilized a 12-volt system through a DC/AC power inverter to operate the AC-powered boat lift system of HydroHoist™, which has been a pioneering force in the boat lift industry since 1964 when it secured a patent on the first hydro-pneumatic boat lift system.

June-September 2012: Continuous Improvement Tradition Begins

Prototype refinements result in successful efforts to convert the AC-powered HydroHoist™ system to a DC-powered motor, thereby eliminating the need for an inverter.

October 2012: Proof is in the Pond, so to speak!

Co-founders Phillip Wright and Wayne Puckett travelled to HydroHoist™ headquarters in Oklahoma and successfully demonstrated an operational 36-volt DC-powered system that lifted a 5000-pound boat in the same time the traditional AC-powered system did the job.

March 2013: Let the Sun Shine In!

On-going development efforts produce a solar-charged, 24-volt battery-powered system that operates a HydroHoist™ boat lift system with the same cycle lift time as their AC-powered system.

May 2013: Let There Be Lift!

The first solar-charged, battery-powered system was successfully installed on a dock on Kerr Lake in North Carolina, where it has been powering a boat lift system ever since.

August 2013: A Company is Born

Solar Marine Solutions, LLC, was officially founded in August of 2013.

September 2014: Product Enhancements Continue

Through affiliations with several solar panel companies, Solar Marine Solutions began development work to produce a shippable, lightweight and low profile 24V solar panel that is currently in use on docks in North Carolina, Oklahoma, Georgia and Virginia.

October 2014: Technological Breakthrough Increases Capability

A state-of-the-art Battery Management System is developed that more efficiently charges and maintains the battery system. In addition to ensuring longer battery life, the breakthrough expands the system’s capabilities to operate additional components, such as lighting, sound systems and small appliances. Frozen beverage, anyone?

September 2015: Canadian Solar Panel Company Collaboration

Began collaboration with a Canadian Solar Panel Company and successfully developed a lightweight solar panel system weighing approximately 5 lbs that is simply installed on rooftops.

July 2016: Developing New Conversion System

After successfully developing a true plug and play 24V D/C solar charged battery powered  energy system Solar Marine Solutions is currently working to develop a 24Volt D/C to A/C conversion system to expand the horizons of harnessing power from the sun.